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Old town Vadonnino

Born as the summer residence of the noble Manara’s family, the ancient village of Vadonnino dates back to the XVII century.
In order to keep intact its magical medieval atmosphere, it was restored in a conservative way, according to the green building criteria.
The buildings maintain their original exposed stones: thanks to the fire of fireplaces during cold months (or to the natural light that daily filters from the splayed windows), a warm, welcoming and suggestive feeling is created inside the houses.
In the "Piazzetta", the heart of the village, a well and an old wood stove are located and even if centuries have gone by, this oven still cooks exquisite food for our guests.

The village is surrounded by 23 acres of land, partly covered with oak or chestnut forests and partly with beautiful meadows, where you can meet foxes, weasels, badgers, wild boar, roe deer, fallow deer, pheasants, hares, squirrels ... and you can also admire the elegant flight of several birds of prey, such as hawks and buzzards.

Great silences, immense spaces, the triumph of colors of a lush, unspoiled nature, the smell of fresh air is what makes this place a paradise…you’ll soon find it out, especially when fog and smog will be just a vague memory, replaced by the tweeting birds as you awake in the morning...
A stay at Vadonnino offers to you the chance to spend some time relaxing, strolling up and down the picturesque paths in our property or following the tracks that lead to various destinations nearby. For hikers, the village is adjacent to the route of the ancient Via Francigena. For those who enjoy outdoor sports, a large, open air swimming pool (14 meters x 7 meters) with its solarium are available and so it is a multipurpose field, volleyball courts (which could be used as a children playground, too) and mountain bikes. Nearby, there’s a lake for fishing amateurs and you could have the chance of rafting in the river Taro. Do not forget the possibility of collecting the delicious porcini mushrooms IGP (which stands for “protect geographical indication”) from August to October and the so called “prugnoli” mushrooms in May

In this splendid setting, Pia and Gianni try to 'spoil' the guests by offering them a warm welcome and the opportunity to taste the products used in traditional and/or revisited recipes.
The farm holiday is specialized in the cultivation of vegetables, lavender and antique fruit trees. Our fruit and vegetable products are not treated.